Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis


I am a professor at New York University Abu Dhabi. Interests: Macroeconomics in (almost) all its variants. I am also a Research Fellow at the CEPR and a research collaborator at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB). My CV is here [.pdf] and my current research below. E-mail me to: rs8561[at]nyu.edu

News! Don and I have created a GitHub U.S. Labor Share repository where we provide the most updated annual and quarterly time series of the labor share for the United States. Our preferred meaure of the labor share treats intellectual property products (IPP) as ambiguous income (analogous to the pre-1999 BEA accounting that treated IPP as intermediate expense). We also provide alternative measures of the labor share treating IPP as capital income. We do this separately for the aggregate economy and the corporate sector.

News, Summer 2024! Check out the workshops that I co-organize @ the BSE Summer Forum (calls for 2024 are out!):
  • Economic Growth and Fluctuations with David Lagakos, Kurt Mitman and Ludo Visschers
  • Macroeconomics and Social Insurance with Arpad Abraham, Christopher Busch and Alexander Ludwig

  • Research


    1. Growing Kakis (Asian Persimmon) in Algemesi, Valencia [1] [2]
    2. La fornera de la Placeta dels Angels [1] [2]
    3. 'Nosaltres, els Valencians' [.pdf]
    4. A Unified Growth Theory for a Small Open Economy: [Al Pais de l'Olivera, Gemma Humet] [Camalts Mullats, Xiquets de Calp] [Quatre Vents, Amunt Muixeranguers!] [When Soccer Becomes Art, Alexia]
    5. My pics: long vs short, running vs not running.
    6. Who gave you permission to do an HIV test? [Comedy Made in Africa]
    7. Husband: If I turn out to be positive, it will be your fault.
      Wife: But I know that I tested negative.
      Husband: It does not matter, it will be your fault.